Pantry & Bakery



  • Strawberry
  • Rhubarb
  • Raspberry
  • Apple
  • Apple Crumb
  • Blueberry
  • Raspberry Blueberry
  • Strawberry Rhubarb





  • All baking, jams and jellies are made on the farm.


4 Responses to Pantry & Bakery

  1. Thank you, so pleased you enjoyed it. Cheers

  2. Penny Cross says:

    Lynn and Yves came for a visit and brought some goodies from your farm berries were fantastic and the strawberry pie was out of this world it completed our celebration of Nats Uncles Birthday.

    Terry and Penny Cross
    Marc and Di Lehoux

  3. Hi
    I am sure that they are both recipes of Lillian’s, however the second one is the one we still make. Enjoy and have fun!!
    Pamela Phillips (daughter-in-law)

  4. Linda Grant says:

    I used to work with your Dad years ago. Everytime he left his office I would go and steal his bran muffin, they were so good. Eventually he gave me your Mom’s recipe. I’m making some this weekend for our Social Committed and have found that I have not one but TWO recipes that are supposedly your Mom’s. I remember the first one with the Buttermilk, but I also remember putting molasses in them too so I’m confused. Do you have her real recipe? i would so appreciate it as they were so good and everyone said so. Here’s what I have in my old recipe book. Maybe you can just tell me which one is the right one. My email address is

    Lillian Phillips Bran Muffins
    2 cups bran
    2 cups boiling water
    Mix and let cool

    Add: Add:
    1 cup cooking oil 5 cups flour
    4 cups white sugar 3tbsp. baking soda
    4 eggs 2 tsp. salt
    1 quart buttermilk 4 cups bran flakes
    Cream together 2 cups raisins

    Leave dough in fridge for awhile (it can be left for quite awhile like a week or so) and bake at 350 for 30 minutes. Makes approx 4 dozen.

    Lillian Phillips Bran Muffins (recipe from book) 2nd one???? Which one is the right one?
    ½ cup margarine
    1 cup brown sugar
    ½ cup molasses
    3 eggs
    2 cups milk
    1 cup white flour
    1 cup whole wheat flour
    3 tsp baking powder
    1 tsp baking soda
    ½ cup bran flakes
    2 ½ cup Quaker Bran
    1 ½ tsp salt
    Raisins optional

    Cream margarine and sugar.
    Add molasses and eggs and be them together. Add milk and bran.
    Sift flour, baking powder, soda and salt together.
    Mix with the cream mixture and combine well.

    Bake 18-20 minutes @ 400 degrees, Makes 2 dozen.

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